The medical professionals at PFRANKMD™ Skin Salon have advanced training in SculpSure™, a unique non-invasive laser which destroys body fat. Our quick and painless fat reduction procedure safely and effectively destroys fat cells. The FDA approved treatment requires zero downtime and allows us to re-sculpt your body without surgery.

What is SculpSure™?

SculpSure™ is an innovative laser device which targets fat cells within the body and safely flushes them out. During a 25 minute treatment session, SculpSure™ effectively heats and damages fat cells, prompting the body to react naturally by gradually eliminating the damaged cells. We utilize this non-invasive technique to remove fat in the following regions: Abdomen (stomach), back, flanks (love handles) muffin top, and inner and outer thighs. Unlike other weight-loss procedures, SculpSure’s ™ applicators are able to offer a wide level of versatility.

Each procedure is tailored to your specific concerns and designed to help you achieve your appearance goals. One SculpSure™ cycle can reduce up to 25% of stubborn fat. Depending on your physique goals, you may require one or more SculpSure™ treatments. Our medical team will assist you throughout every step of the process.

How we Perform SculpSure™

Since there is no pain associated with SculpSure™, patients require zero sedatives. The treatment begins by placing the SculpSure™ device on top of the target area. At this time you will feel a warming sensation. The warmth generated by SculpSure™ is damaging fat cells so they are more easily flushed from your body. Since the device is outfitted with four separate applicators, multiple areas can be treated at once, or we can focus on a singular region. We provide a cooling device and fans to make the experience as comfortable as possible. The best component of SculpSure™ is the comfort level; there is no recovery time and the entire procedure is complete in under a half hour per cycle.

The body contouring procedure continually flushes fat cells from your system in the weeks following treatment. You should notice visible results within two months following your SculpSure™ cycle, in the form of flatter, firmer features.

Benefits of SculpSure™

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SculpSure vs. CoolSculpting

In some ways, SculpSure is similar to CoolSculpting, another non-invasive fat reduction treatment that Dr. Paul J. Frank offers to his NYC patients. Both treatments work by targeting fat cells so the body can gradually reduce them. The table below highlights the main differences between these two highly effective treatments.

SculpSure CoolSculpting
Length of treatment 25 minutes 60 minutes
Mode of fat cell destruction Very high temperatures Very cold temperatures that freeze fat cells
Treatment area Applicators rest on top of the skin and can be placed almost anywhere Treatment area must be large enough and skin lax enough to be lifted up between two cooling panels
Discomfort during treatment Discomfort is rare Many patients find the cold sensation uncomfortable
Results Seen in 6 – 12 weeks Seen in 6 – 10 weeks
Collagen production Increased collagen production No change in collagen production

Why choose PFRANKMD™ Skin Salon for your SculpSure™ procedure

Our team of medical professionals are well-trained and experienced in all of the latest fat reduction procedures. If you are interested in learning more about SculpSure™, please contact our office today for a complimentary consultation.

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