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Exercise Your Skin- Skin Fitness Membership

At PFRANKMD™ we believe skin health and beauty are like nutrition and exercise – Frequent subtle maintenance treatments with our most popular technologies give you the flexibility and efficacy to keep your skin free of sun damage, smooth and toned with collagen and elastin stimulating technologies. The Skin Fitness Memberships are packages where patients can buy 4, 8, or 12 treatments which can be used in a one year period. Easy interest-free, automatic monthly payments, and flexible treatment options which are performed by Registered Nurses. Choose any of the following treatments; Clear and Brilliant Skin Resurfacing, Laser Genesis Skin Toning, and Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening (10 min. face and neck depending on your needs) which can be mixed and matched at any time.

Celebrity Skin Membership

At PFRANKMD™, we believe that the basis for beautiful healthy skin is a combination of strengthening the deep layers of the skin while preserving it with regular skincare maintenance. With a focus on clarity and muscle toning, our Celebrity Skin Membership offers the best options to maintain your glow and show off the best version of you. Paparazzi not included.

Hydra Peel (60 Minutes)
Specially designed for sensitive skin to even out pigmentation and brighten the complexion while adding extra hydration. Our exclusive European Cavitation Water Peel, for gentle exfoliation, is followed by a glycolic or lactic acid peel depending on your skin’s needs. Follow with a calming mask and finish with our seven panel LED light treatment for overall skin tone, brightening, and anti-inflammation.

Oxygen Lifting Facial (60 Minutes)
Using both microcurrent and manual lifting, muscles are trained to enhance the facial structure creating an overall lift. Treatment includes Oxygen and hydrating serum as well as seven panel LED Light treatment for overall skin health.

MDNA Skin Signature Facial (60 Minutes)
Madonna’s signature treatment offers the complete MDNA SKIN experience blending both treatment and massage for the face, neck, and décolletage. Increase clarity and texture while enriching the skin with nutrients and minerals from the waters of Montecatini, Italy. The skin is gently cleansed using antioxidants and natural botanicals. The skin is then toned with the MDNA SKIN The Rose Mist refreshing balancing elixir and followed with the application of the exclusive Chrome Clay Mask. Upon magnetic removal of the mask, The Serum is then infused into the deeper layers of the skin with the micro-massaging vibrations of The Skin Rejuvenator. This stimulates the muscles and tissues creating a gentle lift and definition to the contours of the face, resulting in a fresh, hydrated, and replenished glow. This luxurious beauty experience is a fusion of science, nature, and technology.

Laser Hair Removal Membership

Our multiple hair removal technologies offer fast and painless hair removal without messy gels or anesthesia. Benefit from our membership program to treat multiple areas per treatment session and enjoy low, interest-free monthly payments for up to one year. Choose from 3 or more areas per session.

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